Mbappe sniffed the balloon and still looked bored

At the end of 2021, the hexagonal football community in particular and the world in general were shocked when journalist Romain Molina made earth-shattering revelations after declaring: “Knowing more and more about the hidden corners of football.” , we will hate it even more.”

Along with that, Molina released an image of Mbappe revealing himself high while inhaling laughter balloons – a popular drug among young people today, alongside his close friend Ousmane Dembele. Not only that, this journalist born in 1991 in Lyon also “named” many French players at that time who used to inhale laughing balloons, such as Alexandre Lacazette, Anthony Martial, Matteo Guendouzi, Ousmane Dembele…

So why is football blacklisted by many of Europe’s leading football platforms? That’s because N20 (Nitrous Oxide), a gas found in basketballs, is listed as a doping substance in many high-performance sports because of its sudden stimulating effect on the central nervous system. It is very dangerous to inhale laughing balloons regularly.

In England and Germany, laughter has been discontinued. If players are found to be using funny balloons, they will be banned from competition and prosecuted for criminal liability.

Molina has collected a lot of information from the investigation process about evils among players, hidden corners and things that have never been published in football. However, besides the information that Molina suddenly gave, since that day, the media has not seen any more pictures of Mbappe sniffing balloons.


The 25-year-old super striker of PSG and the French national team always appears as a typical professional model for young people in general and young players in particular in contemporary football. He also stopped hanging out and frequenting famous nightclubs in Paris.

Of course, the fact that Mbappe once inhaled laughing balloons is also a thing of the past. No one remembers the image of a young man in his 20s sniffing balloons with his close friend Dembele. However, according to Molina’s revelation, up to 80% of professional players in France smoke shisha and inhale laughing balloons.

At PSG, players even bring shisha pipes to away matches. Midfielder Blaise Matuidi, who once played for the French capital football team, is the most addicted to shisha smoking. Meanwhile, on the French team, defender Benjamin Pavard is very addicted to shisha.


This fact was announced by Molina after the 2022 World Cup in a clip about the backstage of Les Bleus. Accordingly, this Lyon-born journalist revealed that Pavard leaked some internal information of the French national team because he was “high” when smoking shisha and could not control his own behavior.

He had inappropriate words with the coaching staff, especially with coach Didier Deschamps, making the blue team’s dressing room really uncomfortable. Even many teammates feel uncomfortable having to encounter Pavard every day. “The dressing room of the French national team at the 2022 World Cup is not as peaceful as people think. It is far inferior to the unified family atmosphere at the World Cup in Russia,” Molina revealed.

Pavard’s addiction to shisha smoking also partly explains the reason why the 2018 World Champion has fallen so miserably in recent times. Furthermore, the former Bayern defender also continuously suffered injuries, causing his playing time to become increasingly shorter. Pavard currently plays for Inter and just returned to play not long ago after recovering from a knee injury.

French football has a hidden corner where many famous players and serious leaders lead a deviant lifestyle in the dark. According to Molina, right from his time playing for Lyon, left-back Ferland Mendy – who currently plays for Real Madrid – was heavily addicted to alcohol and had perverted acts.


“Ghost man” Mendy once lost consciousness and could not control his behavior when he kicked a woman to the ground, then dropped his pants and showed off his “precious” penis in front of the victim. Not only that, this left-back born in 1995 also assaulted another woman while drunk.

Both of Mendy’s above mentioned incidents were covered up and covered up by his family. Even when Molina sent documents about Mendy’s sick and perverted antics to two major newspapers, they were all rejected because “they did not want to get involved with Real Madrid’s power.”

Also according to Molina, Mendy was once accused by a woman of committing sadistic acts while drunk. But out of fear of retaliation, this girl withdrew her complaint. Mendy himself did not react after learning this information, but remained completely silent.

Even, according to Molina, Mendy is not only “a sick ghost but also extremely unfilial”. Because, the former Lyon player has hardly contacted his mother since joining Real in 2019.


In addition, this journalist also revealed that a French player enjoyed sex parties. This person (name withheld) loves sick games. One time, that person held a sex party and forced a girl to let him… defecate in his mouth and film it.

Besides denouncing individuals, Molina also released evidence denouncing the crimes of an entire group. Accordingly, at a Ligue 1 club, a pedophilia incident occurred at a youth training academy, but it was kept secret because the victim was a young foreign player who was returned to his homeland after the incident.

According to Molina, PSG looks flashy but inside is really… nothing. After the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 100 service staff had to leave the club because of cruel treatment. Even former Sports Director Leonardo was ostracized because of his overbearing attitude. While Nasser Al-Khelaifi has such great power that many politicians also desire to meet the Qatari president…

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