Lionel Messi is rude in a crowded place


Lionel Messi and Antonela Rocuzzo are one of the famous couples in the world of sports and entertainment. Despite rumors of a marital crisis over the past time, Messi and his wife Antonela still show how close their feelings are. This has been proven through recent photos capturing the two enjoying their summer days in their hometown of Rosario, Argentina.


The name Messi is now mentioned a lot again through a video clip of the striker currently playing for Inter Miami Club in the US Professional Soccer League (MLS) attending a party with his beautiful wife at a nightclub. Nothing would have been worth mentioning if Messi hadn’t suddenly hugged Antonela from behind and quickly lowered his hand to touch his wife’s butt. The video showing the “bad hand” of the star who won the Golden Ball 8 times quickly became a trend, attracting hundreds of thousands of views and comments with all kinds of different reactions.


Many people considered Messi’s behavior rude in a crowded place. “What the hell is Messi doing?”, “Please respect Antonela’s privacy, after all she is a woman”, or “Is Antonela Messi’s wife? If so, someone explain why Messi acts like that”, that is the opinion of many people. Meanwhile, some people think that there is nothing wrong with Messi acting like that with his wife.


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