Lesser Coucal – A bird that can guard the house instead of a dog

1. Origin of the name “bom bluff”

The bird’s name is due to its cry

My family has a very famous scientific name – Centropus sinensis , but unfortunately no one cares, and just dies with a fake name.

The origin of this name is because of the cry . In fact, we have up to 30 different species in our family, but they all have one common feature: they all make a sound similar to the “bich bep” sound. So that name was born, and now no one bothers to change it anymore.

2. An unusual family

With buntings, the gender roles are reversed

Other species of birds build families and nests with a common denominator: The male bird searches for prey, the female bird lays eggs and takes care of the chicks.

At home, when I cheated on me, everything turned upside down. Because the male bird (me) is smaller, he has to take care of the feeding, while my wife roams around outside, coming home whenever she wants.

Chim bìm bịp bay vào nhà là điềm gì? Bạn nên làm gì?

Like the black man’s house, it’s even more miserable. His wife also married several other husbands, grew dozens of horns on her head, and did not dare say a word.

3. Snake’s nightmare

The pipit’s favorite foods are snakes and mice

That’s right, we are raptors, with our favorite foods being snakes and mice. But especially with snakes, I have to admit that the snake is their evil god.

The thing is that the newly hatched children of the bum family are very voracious eaters and get hungry quickly, so my husband and I can’t catch snakes to hunt mice. To solve this story, we captured a few snakes as prisoners in the nest, so as long as we were hungry, we would always have something to eat.

Đi tìm cây thuốc mà chim bìm bịp mẹ mang về đắp cho chim non lành xương -  YouTube

These snakes are truly suffering. Young birds roam nearby but do not dare to attack, because they seem to be afraid of the smell of the feathers of the house. In rural areas, you humans always raise duckweed to chase away snakes, that’s why.

4. Keep the house instead of the dog

 Grebes can guard the house instead of dogs

The era of raising dogs to watch over the house is over. Now if you want “quality” you have to raise pigweed.

Even though we can’t speak like a babbler or a parrot, our beggars have a very loud cry. In addition, I must also admit that the traitor’s personality is somewhat aggressive, along with a very good sense of territorial protection, so he can completely keep the house for humans.

You will have to teach me how to do that. It’s quite laborious, it usually takes about 2-3 years. In return, you will have a bird with the ability to sound an alarm louder than a dog barking, can fly to attack thieves entering the house, and can also chase away snakes. So attractive, what else?

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