Legend of the ancient underground kingdom of Shambhala – where the “Lord of the World” will appear

In Buddhism, the legendary kingdom of Shambhala is one of the mystical sacred places. Many people believe that this kingdom lies deep beneath the Earth.

The mysterious Shambhala Kingdom lies underground.

Many mystical religions refer to an ideal place on Earth, an area untouched by human greed or evil, where the spiritually elevated reside. In Buddhism, the legendary kingdom of Shambhala is one such place. Many people believe that this kingdom lies deep beneath the Earth.

For thousands of years, the land of Tibet has always attracted individuals who love mystery and spirituality. In particular, the Shambhala kingdom is said to be hidden behind the remote northern mountains of the Himalayas, always the dream of many explorers around the world.

The pure land in the human heart

Shambhala is a land mentioned a lot in ancient texts, meaning in Sanskrit texts “place of peace” or “place of silence”. This place is mentioned in Buddhist and Hindu texts. In Buddhism, Shambhala is specifically mentioned in the Kalachakra dharma of Tantra as the only paradise that exists on Earth.

“Shambhala is a realm where the fairies live, beings beyond the destruction and ravages of time and history, beings who will be ready to save the human world in the hour of need,” excerpt from the book of the Kalachakra method of Tantra.

Shambhala - Vương quốc bí ẩn trong lòng đất Tây Tạng

Traditional Buddhists believe that this kingdom exists somewhere in the Himalayan region of Tibet. According to Tibetan beliefs, Shambhala is guarded by gods with supernatural powers. Some people say they have seen those spirits. Some Shambhala seekers are said to have perished upon discovering the kingdom. However, there are those who find and choose to stay in Shambhala, cut off from the rest of the world.

Until now, no one has claimed to have found that mystical place. What remains for humans to find this place is just a hidden prophecy: when the world is engulfed in war and suffering, and all is destroyed, the “Lord of the World” will appear. from Shambhala, with a mighty army, will drive the darkness from the Earth. An era of peace and prosperity will begin from there.

Shambhala is located inside the Earth, which is consistent with the Hollow Earth theory. This theory states that our planet is largely hollow, with a large interior space that can contain vegetation and life forms. . However, Buddhists are not the only ones obsessed with the idea of Shambhala.

The mystery of Shambhala sanctuary and conjectures about underground life.

In 1926, when Russian philosopher Nicholas Roerich traveled through the colorful mountains of Central Asia, he and his guides were shocked to witness an astonishing sight. It is a golden ball floating in the sky, moving from the Altai Mountains (located on the border areas of Russia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan) to the North at incredible speed. The ball then moved west, then quickly disappeared.

However, some people believe that Roerich’s journey was more than just a simple expedition, as he was trying to return a fragment of the legendary Cintamani rock (which was an object of the Buddha that could perform wish and represents the values and teachings of the Buddha) to its rightful place at the heart of the Kingdom of Shambhala, and the golden orb is a sign of welcome.

Vương quốc dưới lòng đất ở Tây Tạng khiến Hitler ám ảnh

The legend of Shambhala can be found in the teachings of Kalachakra Tantra, meaning “cycles of time”, a practice of Tibetan Tantra. It is a “pure land”, with a round city like a lotus, existing in a space between matter and spirit. The capital of Shambhala is Kalapa, located at the heart of the kingdom, where the King of the world sits on his throne.

One of the leaders of Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness the Dalai Lama believes that only people with a pure and honest soul can visit Shambala. “Although people with special connections can indeed go there through their karmic connection, however, it is not a place that we can actually find.

We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land within the human world. And unless one has merit and has enough virtue, one cannot get there. Ordinary people will not be able to actually go there,” he said in a 1985 speech (Ancient Code).

Underground world

Shambhala is also known by many different names such as “Shangri-la” or “Agharta”, which has a special appeal because of mystical Tibetan legends about a kingdom that suddenly disappeared. Until now, the mysterious legends surrounding this lost kingdom have become an endless source of inspiration for interesting stories.

In the book “Beasts, Men and Gods,” writer Ferdinand Ossendowski (1876-1945) recorded his own experiences in Russia during the country’s civil war and during his journey to Mongolia. In chapter 46 of ‘The Underground Kingdom’, he tells of an unexpected event, at which the Mongol guides suddenly stopped, jumped down from their camels and began to pray, over and over again. strange words: “Om! Mani padme Hum!”.

Later in the book, Ossendowski claims to have discovered “the secret of secrets,” which is the myth of the underground kingdom. He saw a cave, or a “smoke door,” into which locals said an ancient tribe had fled into what was called the “underground kingdom.” Finally, after many questions were raised, Ossendowski learned the truth about this mysterious kingdom related to Shambhala. “It’s not something too strange. The two largest oceans of the East and the West were once two continents; now it has sunk to the bottom of the sea, but its people have gone into the underground kingdom. There are so many people and so many different ethnicities…”.

Until recently, this strange underground place was known as the underground city of Agharta – believed by many to be another name for the mystical place of Shambhala. Ossendowski describes this as a place of advanced technological wonders (including flying saucers), home to monks, scientists and superheroes possessing incredible powers. However, he does not believe that Shambhala and Agharta are the same. Accordingly, the underground world of Agharta is very large, and Shambhala is considered the capital of Agharta, although it seems to have purely Western architecture. Portals to the underground world are said to exist at the poles, or in caves and honeycomb tunnels around the world.

Vương quốc dưới lòng đất ở Tây Tạng khiến Hitler ám ảnh

Some people believe that Shambhala or Agharta can be considered a form of civilization, inherited from the ruins of Lemuria and Atlantis – two destroyed continents that Ferdinand Ossendowski once talked about in his book. Ossendowski also said that the people of this civilization hold great power, if provoked, they can “explode the entire surface of humanity’s planet and turn it into a desert”.

However, are these ancient myths and legends, or underground cities, true? And when will the mystery and prophecies of Shambhala be resolved?

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