Legend Michael Jordan explains why Stephen Curry is not the best PG in history

Even though he is not playing and is on summer break, Stephen Curry still makes many people mention his name after his answer about the best PG in basketball history.

When asked by former NBA star Gilbert Arena if “you are the best point guard of all time”, Stephen Curry answered “yes” before mentioning the name of another legendary PG, Magic Johnson. .

Stephen Curry believes he is the best PG in history, competing with Lakers legend Magic Johnson for the top two spots

Stephen Curry’s above share has created a lot of discussion on social networks as well as a number of NBA programs on television.

Some people agree that Curry is the greatest PG thanks to changing the game in the NBA with his fast shooting style, many 3-point shots and creating a new wave of tactics in basketball.

On the contrary, there are also people who disagree with the “chef” and side with the legendary Magic Johnson. They believe that the former Lakers star only took a short period of time to dominate the NBA with his moderate playing style. Effective and artistic.

In addition, Magic Johnson also has more titles in a shorter time playing in the NBA compared to Stephen Curry.

Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson posed for a photo with the NBA championship trophy

Each debate participant has their own ideas, but what if the character entering the debate is one of the greatest players in basketball history, “Mr. Air” Michael Jordan?

Sharing through a long message to the host of ESPN’s First Take, Mr. Stephen A.Smith, owner of 6 NBA championship rings, 6 Finals MVP titles and 5 NBA MVP titles said:

“The story of who is the greatest is always an endless debate, but regarding the story of the greatest defender, I would like to have my own opinion as follows.

Magic Johnson is clearly the best point guard of all time. Stephen Curry is very close but is behind, not ahead of Magic , Stephen A.Smith read back Michael Jordan’s message.

Michael Jordan believes that Magic Johnson is the best PG in basketball history, not Stephen Curry

First of all, you need to explain the ‘ball defender’ position accurately to have a correct debate.

Stephen Curry is undoubtedly the greatest pitcher of all time. And it’s true that the way he moves when playing helps create a lot of shooting opportunities for his teammates, plus he has a long throw rate of 43% 3PT for his entire career.

But Magic Johnson is like the inventor of the triple-double. Not exactly inventing it, but Magic helped bring this concept to the public more clearly, how it affects the big game.

To be honest, the triple-double is almost a set of stats reserved for ball defenders. From there, I think Magic is the best (in this position – PV).

I could go on with a longer explanation but I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I believe you understood what I wanted to say. Don’t forget that Magic Johnson has won the NBA championship 5 times “, Michael Jordan further explained why he did not agree that Stephen Curry was the best PG.

From left to right: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry at the NBA’s 75th anniversary honoring team

One of the best players in history spoke out about the battle between Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry, along with a detailed explanation of why he chose the Los Angeles Lakers legend.

Stephen A. Smith added that Michael Jordan sent him this text message at 5:45 a.m., hoping to read it on television because Mr. Air “was tired of the debate about Magic Johnson.” not the greatest PG in history” .

Hopefully there will be new opinions from top NBA stars so that fans can better understand from an insider’s perspective how they perceive an excellent player.

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