LeBron James missed the opportunity to face Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors

The 38-year-old superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers is expected to sit out due to the effects of his ankle injury.

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According to the latest announcement from the Los Angeles Lakers Club , the team’s number one star – LeBron James is not expected to participate in the match on February 23 (Vietnam time) against rival Golden State Warriors, as this player is having an injury to his left ankle.

LeBron James shared at the All-Star Game on Sunday that he will use the vacation to receive more therapy for his outer thigh muscle injury. Although he did not give specific information about the therapy, James did reveal that he may miss the game against the Warriors.

However, ESPN sources said there is no significant concern that James will miss an extended period of time, but the hope is that the therapy will help him finish the season stronger.

LeBron James will likely miss the match against Steph Curry and the Warriors

In a classic double-overtime game against the Golden State Warriors in San Francisco last month, “King James” recorded 36 points, 20 rebounds and 12 assists. His absence in the match against the Warriors could affect the Lakers’ performance, especially when they and the Warriors have the same number of losses after the All-Star break and have three confrontations left in the regular season.

Although there is no official news on James’s status for the upcoming two matches against the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns, his sidelining could affect the other half of Los Angeles’ game plans in the coming weeks. Important match coming up.

LeBron James Comes Out the Winner in His Latest Playoff Showdown With Stephen  Curry - WSJ

James has also missed several back-to-back games this season nursing an ankle injury. However, looking at the context of upcoming confrontations that have become important for both the Lakers and Warriors teams in the Play-off race, LeBron James’ absence will be a big challenge for the Lakers and could creating an opportunity for the Warriors to strengthen their position in the rankings.

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