Kevin Durant Discovered Oklahoma State Track Star Brooke Thomas

Kevin Durant Caught Liking A Series Of Pics From Oklahoma State Track Star Brooke Thomas

Kevin Durant is still sidelined for the Brooklyn Nets and the team doesn’t know when he will return to
action to face the remainder of the season. KD hasn’t played for exactly one month and one day now
and the Nets are still waiting to see some improvement on his hamstring injury.

 Credit: Egotastic Sports
Meanwhile, the 2014 MVP is trying to kill some time on social media and he recently was caught
liking some pics of an OSU track star called Brooke Thomas. Durant isn’t a stranger to these
situations; he’s done this in the past, even liking some pics from an NFL player’s wife, did the same
with Katya Elise Henry and many other women and was also called out by a fan for following his
girlfriend and liking all of her pictures.

 Credit: Egotastic Sports

Well, this time he discovered this pretty girl and didn’t miss his chance to let her know he really
appreciates her pics.

She came from being a star in college to become an Instagram sensation that catches the attention
of one of the best NBA players at this moment.

Kevin Durant On If He's The Best Player In The World: 'I Respect All These  Players, I'm Not Trying To Be Better Than Anyone, I'm Trying To Be The Best  Version Of Myself' - Fadeaway World
Durant is still recovering from his hamstring injury and the Nets revealed that they’re waiting on him,
as we all Blake Griffin. Both players could miss at least one more week before returning to the court
but the New Yorkers don’t seem to have a problem with that. They have won their first two games
after the All-Star break and will try to continue their good pace when they face the New York Knicks
on Monday.


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