Kendall Jenner clashes with Selena Gomez

In a series of photos taken on Easter that Kendall recently posted on her Instagram account with 158 million followers, the 25-year-old beauty looks full of energy with a playful pose and a permanent smile on her lips. The long pink dress with floral patterns gives her a feminine, sweet look.

Kendall Jenner received nearly 9 million “likes” thanks to her cute image.

This is a design from fashion house Rodarte, priced at 2,645 USD (more than 61 million VND). Fans quickly realized that this outfit was promoted by Selena Gomez in the Spanish MV De Una Vez , released on January 15. In her music product, the female singer adds highlights to her appearance with flowers in her head and a glowing heart shape on her chest – called Milagro in Mexican culture.

Selena Gomez in MV ‘De Una Vez’.

However, Kendall Jenner was still the one to wear this dress before Selena, specifically during a photo shoot for Vogue China magazine in January.

Below Kendall’s post about Easter, long-legged Hailey Bieber – wife of Justin Bieber (Selena’s ex-boyfriend) – wrote a comment: “My little Easter chicken lady”, making many viewers fake replies related to Selena like: “I bet you’ve seen this dress before”.

In addition, the comments section of MV De Una Vez is also filled with comments mentioning the new generation supermodel, for example: “Fun fact: you are here because Kendall clashed with Selena”.

MV ‘De Una Vez’ by Selena Gomez

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