It’s so special that there is a bird that can swim in the sea

Thanks to a pair of very large and strong pectoral fins, flying fish can fly several dozen meters above the water surface whenever they need to escape predators.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù Flying fish (Exocoetidae) is a family of marine fish belonging to the Order Stingfish. They include 64 species.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù The most outstanding feature of Flying Fish is its very large pectoral fins. Thanks to their large pectoral fins, they can jump up to the surface of the water and fly above the water for several meters.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù The torpedo-like body of flying fish allows them to move at great speed underwater to easily jump to the surface.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù To break through the water, flying fish flick their tails up to 70 times per second. They then spread their pectoral fins and tilt slightly upward to jump out of the water.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù The average flight length of flying fish is up to 50m, many can “fly” up to 200m.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù At the end of the flight, they fold their pectoral fins to land in the water, or push their tails into the water to make another flight. Pushing their tail into the water is also a way for them to change their flight direction.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù The curved shape of a flying fish’s fin when flying is very similar to the shape of a bird’s wing.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù Some species of flying fish have two additional smaller fins behind their pectoral fins, helping them fly up to 400m.

Loài cá bay như chim để tránh kẻ thù Scientists believe that flying fish developed the ability to fly to escape predators.

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