It’s as miserable as the Curry parents when they support their two sons at opposite ends of the NBA Playoffs front line

Parents going to watch their sons play NBA basketball is no longer a strange sight. Especially in the NBA Playoffs, a harsh arena where players always need the greatest support from family members. However, with Stephen and Seth Curry, this is a special case.

The Western finals series between the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers suddenly turned into a “family war” when Stephen Curry faced Seth Curry, bringing a rivalry between two brothers from the same family. appeared for the first time in history.

As parents, Mr. Dell Curry and Ms. Sonya both love basketball. The two often go to watch their two sons’ matches and are willing to move from one city to another at night just to get to the field on time.

During the recent round 2 series, the Curry parents had a 4-day series of traveling 4 times between 3 cities just to support both Seth Curry’s fight against Denver and Stephen Curry’s fight against the Houston Rockets. But now, the two children are on opposite sides of the battle line. So what did Mr. Dell and Ms. Sonya do?

Yesterday, the grandparents decided to toss a coin to see who cheered for Seth and who cheered for Steph during the match. However, today when Game 1 of this NBA Playoffs series took place, Mr. Dell and Ms. Sonya came up with the perfect solution.

Cực khổ như bố mẹ nhà Curry khi đi ủng hộ hai con trai ở hai đầu chiến tuyến NBA Playoffs

Cực khổ như bố mẹ nhà Curry khi đi ủng hộ hai con trai ở hai đầu chiến tuyến NBA Playoffs

It was also the shirt of his two sons, but Mr. Dell and Ms. Sonya decided to “make” them into two unique shirts. While Dell Curry wears a shirt with the front half of Golden State’s uniform and the second half of Portland’s shirt, Ms. Sonya’s shirt design is arranged in reverse.

Of course, on both shirt backs, the name “Curry” appears along with the souvenir signatures of both brothers Seth and Stephen. With this creative method, Curry parents will no longer need to toss a coin to see who cheers for Curry during the match.

Cực khổ như bố mẹ nhà Curry khi đi ủng hộ hai con trai ở hai đầu chiến tuyến NBA Playoffs

Cực khổ như bố mẹ nhà Curry khi đi ủng hộ hai con trai ở hai đầu chiến tuyến NBA Playoffs

The first game in the war between the Curry brothers ended with a clear victory in favor of Stephen Curry. The Golden State Warriors superstar hit 9 3-pointers, scoring a total of 36 points to help the defending champion blow out the Portland Trail Blazers with a score of 116-94.

The next match will take place at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, May 17 at Orace Arena, home of the Golden State Warriors.

The NBA Playoffs round will be broadcast live on HD News Sports channel – VTVcab, with continuously updated information on and Basketball TV.

Looking back at Stephen Curry’s excellent performance in Game 1 this morning:

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