In the midst of her Benny Blanco romance, Selena Gomez blushes while texting a “cute boy” on her cooking show

The ‘Only Murders in the Building’ actress accidentally burnt a cake while sending a message to a mystery recipient

Selena + Chef
Selena Gomez on “Selena + Chef”. 

Chef Eric Adjepong recently had to “Save the Day” while cooking alongside Selena Gomez.

The actress who hosts the Food Network series Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays was recently caught texting “a cute boy” while she was cooking alongside guest chef Adjepong in the season finale.

During the episode, Gomez is caught sending messages by her co-host, Raquelle Stevens.

 “Sel, who are you texting?” asks Stevens, 30, and Gomez then tries to hide her smile while shushing her friend.

“Look, it’s hard out there,” added the Only Murders in the Building actress. But her co-host chirps, “I could probably guess who,” with Gomez quickly saying, “Stop.”

That wasn’t the only time Gomez was caught red-handed during the finale episode. Towards the end of the episode, when Stevens asks Chef Adjepong, 36, how their cake is doing, he confirms that they have a timer running — which Gomez was in charge of setting at the start of the episode.

But quickly, Gomez realizes she did not set the timer.

Selena Gomez Says Her Cooking Has 'Come a Long Way'

The show’s editing pokes fun at Gomez’s snafu and zooms in on her face as she realizes her mistake. As amusing music plays over Gomez’s shocked face, the episode then replays the clip of her going to “set the timer.” The footage then shows the actress getting distracted and sending a text back to a “mystery recipient.”

After Gomez’s small hiccup, Adjepong quickly went to check on the cake and declared, “It’s definitely time to take it out.” As he pulls out the overly baked cake, he tells the host, “It’s okay actually. It’s um…totally fine.”

As Gomez shares a look of deep concern, Stevens interjects, “He’s just being nice.”

“No, no, no. I actually like it a little bit over,” said Adjepong. “I’m being completely honest.”

Selena Gomez and Boyfriend Benny Blanco Share a Kiss in Sweet Selfie
Selena Gomez and boyfriend Benny Blanco.

The Golden Globe nominee, who recently went public with music producer Benjamin Joseph Levin (known professionally as Benny Blanco), was making jokes about her new romance.

The finale episode wasn’t the first time Gomez has opened up about her new romance. During the premiere episode with chef Alex Guarnaschelli, she shared that while cooking has been changing her mood, she also has “a crush on someone.”

“So I’m kind of really happy…” said Gomez. “ But we’ll talk about it later.”

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Along with admitting her crush, she and Guarnaschelli made jokes that gravy boats are something you would get on your wedding registry. Gomez then cheekily looked at the camera and held up her hand, implying that she’s not married.

In a later episode, Gomez reiterated to chef Claudette Zepeda that she’s not married, but a part of the reason she started Selena+Chef is that “eventually, one day,” she wants to “slow down and have a family.”

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco
Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco.

Gomez’s revelations follow the news that the musician has been dating Blanco for six months. The pair went public earlier this month after the “Come & Get It” hitmaker used social media for the big reveal.

Selena Gomez Learns How to Cook From Chefs in HBO Max Show 'Selena + Chef'  - Eater

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