How did Selena react when criticized for singing live?

An artist’s ability to sing live is always a hot topic of discussion among fans and music audiences. Many people think that to be a singer or a musical artist, your live voice must be excellent. However, not all artists possess a naturally gifted voice. Many people attract attention when their live vocals are not as good as in the studio, thereby making the public doubt their singing ability and think that they do not deserve success.

Each artist has a different way of facing criticism from the audience. Some people choose to speak up, but others choose to remain silent. Some people try to constantly improve themselves, but there are also people who stand still or gradually get worse.

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Jimin (BTS)

BTS has always been famous in the Kpop fan community for their performance ability. Even though he is a member in charge of vocal and dancer positions in the group, Jimin has many times shocked viewers when singing live.

The male idol’s first controversy can be related to his performance at the 2018 MGA awards ceremony. BTS and Charlie Puth had a special collaboration stage with the ballad version of the song Fake Love . The guy’s voice broke and he sang out of tune during his segment. But at this time, most still defended Jimin because they thought this was a rare time he made a mistake and the song’s arrangement was too advanced for a male singer.

BTS X Charlie Puth – Fake Love (MGA Genie Music Awards)

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One of the first times Jimin was criticized for his live singing

However, after that time, the audience continuously complained that Jimin’s voice became increasingly “sour” and bad. The peak was when BTS temporarily suspended group activities and Jimin made his solo debut in March 2023, his live singing performance at a music show sparked a lot of controversy.

Winning the weekly trophy with Like Crazy, Jimin performed the song again to celebrate with his fans, but the male idol continuously showed off, was out of breath, and clearly had a weak voice and lack of inner strength. Many viewers felt that he was trying to force his voice, causing the sound to sound “stuffy” and unnatural.

JIMIN – Like Crazy encore

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The most controversial encore performance of a male idol’s career

After being quiet for a while, Jimin suddenly shared his thoughts about himself in a livestream in early September. Although he did not directly mention the above scandal, fans could see him reflecting on himself. after past controversies.

He shared, “I want to reevaluate myself. Kind of like a closed training course. It feels like I’m learning everything all over again. I felt many things when I went solo in March. In fact, I was so lacking, I couldn’t continue like this. What happened wasn’t anxiety or mental problems or anything like that, but that I was lacking… Now that I think about it, they were all excuses. I was lazy.”

The BTS member sent a message to fans: “I want to change, I want to come back and confidently show you my performance. I’m working hard to be able to do it myself.”

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Jimin clearly expressed his desire to improve himself

Selena Gomez

Becoming famous as a Disney Channel actress, Selena Gomez’s crossover into music received many mixed opinions. Possessing a unique voice color suitable for a pop star, however, her voice is not appreciated because it is too weak and exposed. Without the support of studio technology, Selena clearly revealed her own shortcomings. It’s not difficult to find her poor live singing performances on social networks. The title “breathing diva” has also been born since then.

The controversy peaked at the 2019 AMAs awards ceremony, when performing the hit song Lose You To Love Me, Selena Gomez sang out of tune, was out of breath and whispered on stage. The female singer looked lost and lifeless throughout the performance. The performance caused her to be fiercely criticized by netizens. The station then had to quickly delete and post an edited version of the voice to calm the situation.

Selena Gomez – Lose You To Love Me – Look At Her Now Live At (AMAs 2019)

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Selena’s comeback after 2 years received mixed opinions

Fans immediately spoke up to defend Selena. They believe that the female singer just returned to her first music stage after more than 2 years from kidney transplant surgery, combined with the pressure from the opening stage, Selena had some difficulty performing. It is known that she also faced a panic attack right before the awards ceremony. However, this did not convince the audience. The female singer completely lost points with her comeback after 2 years. Since then, we have never seen Selena perform live on any stage again.

The female singer spoke up about the surrounding controversy at The Kelly Clarkson Show in March 2020. “I constantly try to make my music better, because I know people think I’m not a good singer,” she shared. But I worked extremely hard.”

Since 2015, the singer of The Heart Wants What It Wants said he had sought out a vocal teacher to support him. She admitted that her singing voice still has many shortcomings, but she knows that her strength is “conveying emotions to the hearts of listeners”. At the same time, instead of focusing on high notes, the female singer takes advantage of her mid-low range.

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Selena Gomez has sought out a vocal coach

If we look closely, we can see that Selena is not always a bad live singer. With a comfortable mentality and a song suitable for her voice, she can also deliver a good performance. One of the rare times Selena was praised for her good singing was at the Victoria’s Secret Show in 2015. She sang so well that she had to clarify that she sang live and did not lip sync.

Recently, Selena Gomez revealed her plans to return to performing and going on tour. The audience is looking forward to and curious about how she has changed since the “incident” that year.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the most successful female artist today. Along with her success comes criticism about her singing ability. Early in her career, Taylor often received complaints about her singing ability, especially at music awards ceremonies.

The music-loving public still remembers the controversial event at the 2010 Grammy Awards, when Taylor Swift won the Album of the Year award. Taylor’s duet with the legendary Stevie Nicks in the mashup of Rhiannon and You Belong With Me disappointed many audiences. The female singer’s voice continuously changes tones, revealing unnecessary gaps even when performing her song.

Controversial performance at Grammy 2010

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Controversial performance at Grammy 2010

The Washington Post sarcastically said: “What a ‘memorable’ night in Taylor Swift’s career, yet she received the biggest award of the 2010 Grammy.” Music critic Bob Lefsetz called Taylor’s performance “terrible,” adding, “Now, everyone knows Taylor Swift can’t sing. She just ended her own career overnight. Taylor is too young and stupid to understand the mistake she made.”

The singer born in 1989 chose to remain silent about the surrounding controversy at that time. Until 2023, in a letter written about the process of composing the album Speak Now after the event of that year, she shared, “In the darkest moments of my life, I was tormented by doubts surrounding my career. and self-worth as an artist. (…) I was severely and publicly criticized for my singing voice.”

“I want to get better, challenge myself and develop my skills as a musician, an artist and a performer,” she added. To try to cope with these difficulties, I underwent intensive vocal training.”

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She shared the pressures of that day after 13 years

Despite admitting her own weakness, the female singer firmly denied the accusation that she could not sing. Not choosing to speak up or “ruffle feathers”, she responded with music. The song Mean was released at the end of 2010 with the lyrics “I can see your future, still drunk and making noise about me not knowing how to sing, but really you guys are just mean people.” ”.

In fact, although Taylor does not possess a powerful vocalist, she does possess a sweet, inspiring voice. Building the image of a musician and singer, the female singer is doing her job very well. Taylor’s music expresses who she is in an honest and unforced way. She composes and performs songs that suit her voice, songs that only she can convey the story behind most clearly.

More than a decade after that event, Taylor Swift has improved dramatically. Taylor Swift has always worked hard to hone her skills and show critics that she deserves her current success. She confidently performs her songs at award ceremonies and concerts. Currently, Taylor Swift is receiving many positive reactions from the audience and experts when performing 45 songs live for more than 3 hours at The Eras Tour. Thanks to her efforts, people are gradually changing their view of the female singer’s singing ability.

Nghệ sĩ quốc tế phản ứng thế nào khi bị chê bai giọng hát live? - Ảnh 14.

Taylor Swift proves her ability with her new tour

Jimin, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift are just three of many artists whose live vocals have been criticized. We can easily see one thing in common between them: being aware of their own shortcomings and wanting to become better. They may be successful names and have a large fan base, but they also have the self-esteem of an artist when they are criticized for singing poorly. Although improving their singing voice is very difficult, they do not avoid it or rest in victory but face the problem squarely.

In each different industry, standards for live performance are also different. But as a musical artist, you must try to sing “good enough” and be honest with your own shortcomings.

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