Hollywood actors make a lot of money from Instagram

Selena Gomez, 28, is one of the highest paid artists on Instagram. The former Disney star has the advantage of being the 6th most followed person in the world with 197 million followers. Previously, Selena rarely accepted advertising on this social networking platform. However, she recently broke tradition when she posted a photo posing with Puma shoes next to the Christmas tree. Selena’s post received 4.6 million likes, helping her pocket $850,000 plus potential bonuses when sales are high.
Jennifer Aniston, 51 years old, has only “played” Instagram since the end of 2019 and a few months later posted personal photos taken with her famous friends. Last month, the “Friends” star accepted advertising on his Instagram account for the first time, becoming a Vital Proteins ambassador. The actress showed off a photo of herself holding a large basket full of vitamins. According to industry experts, that post earned the actress about $750,000 plus a portion of the revenue.
Jennifer Lopez, 51 years old, is no stranger to social networks as she regularly interacts with fans on Instagram with 135 million followers. Recently J.Lo started endorsing products from other businesses, not just promoting her own brand. Her post introducing the Super Coffee drink paid her $675,000 and commission.
“Quantico” star Priyanka Chopra promoted a drink called Bon V!V earlier this month on Instagram to her 60 million followers. Miss World 2000 earned $295,000 for the post, contributing to increasing her income when she had to stay home all year to avoid the epidemic.
Actress Millie Bobby Brown – star of the movie “Stranger Things” – may only be 16 years old, but she has earned approximately $155,000 in Instagram posts promoting Converse shoes.
Comedian Kevin Hart recently became the newest spokesperson for a toothbrush brand. The “Jumanji” star also earned a 6-figure sum from this promotional video.
Star Drew Barrymore shows off a photo holding a bag of organic fruit gummies, Black Forest Gummies. Since moving from movie star to actor – TV MC, “Charlie’s Angels” has actively advertised products while sharing images of her active life.

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