Group objectives for the New Year PART 2

11. Pelicans

Achievement : 18-14

Goal for 2024 : Find a more stable framework

The Pelicans are one of the unluckiest teams in the tournament when players are constantly injured. Head coach Willie Green’s job is not easy, constantly having to change the lineup makes the Pelicans inconsistent, and the players appear to lack chemistry.

Brandon Ingram, Zion Williamson and Herb Jones did not create a big gap in the starting lineup. And one of the team’s best shooters, promising rookie Jordan Hawkins, was unable to find playing time.

The winning recipe: how the small-market Pelicans became legit title  contenders | New Orleans Pelicans | The Guardian

12. Knicks

Achievement : 17-15

2024 goal : Find a way to live without Mitchell Robinson.

Robinson played a vital role in the Knicks’ success. His ability to protect the basket is excellent and is a strong candidate for a spot on the NBA’s All-Defensive team this season. However, Robinson has just suffered an injury. According to many unconfirmed sources, he may not be able to return this season because of a broken ankle.

The Knicks have a good backup center in Isaiah Hartenstein. Youngster Jericho Sims has made some progress. Veteran player Taj Gibson will set quality screens and Tom Thibodeau is good on defense. However, all cannot fill the void left by Robinson. If he really has to miss the rest of the season due to injury, the Knicks must consider a transfer option to save their season.

New York Knicks tiếp tục trở thành đội bóng có giá trị nhất NBA | VTV.VN

13. Magic

Achievement : 19-12

2024 goal : Find more pitchers

The Magic are still a good defensive team, but their problem is their finishing ability. The Magic lack good 3-point shooters, ranking 29th out of 30 in 3-point attempts per game and 28th in 3-point success rate. Franz Wagner needs to regain his finishing form to help the team, but in the long run, Orlando’s team still needs more pitchers to open up opportunities for him and Paolo Banchero.

Most Impressive Magic Team Performances Through Midway Point of Season | NBA .com

14. Cavaliers

Achievement : 18-14

2024 goal : Figure out how to get the most out of the guard rotation

The Cavs are facing a headache – they have too many good defenders.

Donovan Mitchell is clearly an excellent player and needs to play a lot, as does Darius Garland. But the two don’t play well together.

Things got more complicated when the Cavaliers brought in Craig Porter Jr. He played well in his minutes on the field, who performed excellently in his minutes on the field. He has experience and leads the play well. And what coach JB Bickerstaff needs to do is find the most optimal duo.

Donovan Mitchell makes NBA history as Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the  Chicago Bulls 145-133 in overtime - Fear The Sword

15. Rockets

Achievement : 15-15

2024 goal: Learn how to win away from home

The Rockets have two opposite faces this season, they play explosively at home, but fall apart when playing away. It wasn’t until the first week of December that the Rockets got their first win outside of Houston. They have an impressive 12-4 record at Toyota Center, but are only 3-10 each time they visit.

Finding a way to win every trip away from home is the next step for the Rockets’ young team to go far in the West.

Jalen Green has career-high 32 as Rockets beat Lakers in OT

16. Lakers

Achievement : 17-16

2024 goal : Don’t exhaust LeBron James.

Somehow, LeBron James is still playing at an All-NBA level in his 20th season. That’s good news for the Lakers, but the bad news is that they have a win rate hovering around 50%, even though James is still showing effective offensive basketball. They become one of the worst offensive teams in the NBA every time James leaves the court.

The Lakers need to avoid relying too much on James, because if he is exhausted, it will be a disaster for the team. Anyway, James is about to turn 39 years old.

17. Warriors

Achievement : 15-17

2024 goal : Bring back Draymond Green

Green is suspended indefinitely and the Warriors won’t be able to do anything great without him. Despite recent controversies, Green is still one of the best defensive players in the tournament.

The Warriors’ young talents have matured significantly this season. Chris Paul turned the bench from a burden into a strength for the Warriors, Klay Thompson and Andrew Wiggins started playing better, and Stephen Curry is still a superstar. The only thing the Warriors need to do is find a way for Green to focus on basketball instead of his recent unsportsmanlike behavior.

Golden State Warriors trở thành đội bóng đắt giá nhất tại NBA | VTV.VN

18. Suns

Achievement : 16-15

Goal for 2024 : Pray that the superstars do not get injured

Devin Booker, Bradley Beal and Kevin Durant played 24 minutes together. Booker and Durant both missed a few games, but the big problem lies with Beal. The former Wizards star is still dealing with back problems from the beginning of the season and now has an ankle injury. The number of minutes played together by this trio of superstars is very limited. They need to play together more, find chemistry, before the playoffs start.

19. Pacers

Achievement : 17-14

Goal for 2024 : Be consistent in your gameplay

The Pacers are the best offensive team in NBA history, and they are also on their way to becoming the worst defense in league history.

As Pacers’s Caitlin Cooper once said, this team doesn’t need to be good at defense, or even average. However, if the defense continues to be as bad as it is now, the Pacers will have difficulty playing in the playoffs.

Tyrese Haliburton is so excellent in attack that he has become the subject of special care from the Pacers’ opponents. The team needs to find a way to protect him better and continue to further develop their playing style.

Paul George believes Indiana Pacers would have won NBA Championship if he  hadn't broken leg | Marca

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