Gordon Ramsay Teaches Selena Gomez How To Cook A Breakfast Burger, Video Goes Viral

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Selena Gomez How To Cook A Breakfast Burger, Video Goes Viral

Gordon Ramsay and Selena Gomez recently cooked together (Photo: YouTube/ Gordon Ramsay)

Gordon Ramsay is known for his harsh and unapologetic criticism of food and cooks who don’t meet his standards. The celebrity chef has built up a frightening reputation for himself. Videos of his (largely negative) reactions to viral recipes often take the internet by storm. In a recent video that Gordon shared, we see a different side to his personality. In the video, he teaches Selena Gomez, the popular singer and Hollywood star, how to make a delicious-looking breakfast burger. The delight features turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado and chipotle mayo, sandwiched between toasted brioche buns.

Quand Selena Gomez cuisine avec le chef anglais Gordon Ramsay et le chef  français Ludo Lefebvre - Food & Sens

In the video, Selena reveals that some of her favourite breakfast options include a breakfast sandwich, taco or burrito. Gordon reveals that he learnt to make “the most amazing scrambled eggs” in Paris when he was 22. Accordingly, he suggests that they give a twist to that recipe by making something like a “Scrambled Eggs Turkey Bun”. The duo then started making the dish, with Gordon guiding Selena step by step. He gives her tips about cracking eggs properly, when to season them, how to avoid overcooking them, etc.

During the course of the video, the two also discuss their guilty pleasure snacks, favourite foreign countries and more. Selena states that her go-to food when she’s on the road is chicken salad. She also reveals that she finds it hard to eat greens, but she wants to become better at having them. Gordon talks about how he can have scrambled eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Selena Gomez Gets Schooled by Gordon Ramsay (and Yes, There's Cursing)  During a Lesson on 'Selena + Chef'

Since being posted on January 10, 2024, the video has already received more than 1 million views. Read how people reacted online below:

“Watching this made me realise that not only do I actually have a few things in common with both Gordon and Selena, but that I cook my scrambled eggs completely different than how Gordon does it.”

“A man who is well known for being chaotic with cuss words is telling Selena Gomez not to swear.”

“It’s the time and way Gordon speaks to people that always gets me. such patience and compassion in how he teaches. Love this guy!”

“Gordon is honestly such a sweet guy who really cares about his craft. You gotta respect that. Whenever he does get mad you can tell he’s doing it through passion.”

“Selena looks genuinely curious in this whole video. Watching her being excited about this made me wanna try making this.”

Before this, a viral video of another type of egg dish caught Gordon Ramsay’s interest. His positive reaction reel grabbed many eyeballs online. Read the full story here.

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