Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry continues efforts off the court. He and Wife Commit $50 Million to Oakland Schools

For all he’s done on the court — his four NBA championships and two MVPs, his collection of record-setting spine-chilling performances, and his transcendent impact on the game — Stephen Curry has already cemented his legacy as a Golden State Warriors and Bay Area legend.

But Curry’s philanthropic efforts toward the community that first embraced him; that supported him during the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, may outweigh his basketball brilliance.

The NBA recognized Curry’s charitable work last season, naming him the 2022-23 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion for his work advocating for voting rights, gender equality in sports, and food security in underprivileged communities.

On Wednesday, Curry outlined a new movement to continue refurbishing Oakland’s school districts at the grassroots level.

Through their charitable organization, Eat. Learn. Play., which the Currys founded back in 2019, this new initiative aims to support the Oakland youth, providing students with nutritious meals, quality reading materials, and access to safe play areas.


““It’s the fact that these are three very simple things in life that every child should have access to”, Ayesha Curry told CBS News. “And so when you’re not afforded these things, it’s like, how can I even dream?””

The charity has also made it a point to empowered the children of Oakland, including them in playground designs and giving them input on other events such as fun runs and field trips.

““These kids deserve an opportunity to achieve their full potential, especially those from the Black and Brown communities”, the two-time MVP preached.”

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors

Eat. Learn. Play. has already done wonders for the Oakland community, distributing 25 million meals, revitalizing 12 play areas, and investing $6 million in literacy programs. Now Steph and Ayesha Curry seek to make an even bigger impact, and “create lasting change for generations to come.”

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