Frizzle hen and chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus) in home back yard these hens, have curled or frizzled plumage, are frequently broody they make good mothers. Self sufficiency at home

Chicken: A large rooster stands in the tall grass on a sunny day
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Free range chickens. Rooster and Chickens
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hen on the green grass

Two chickens on green background
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Gamecocks are fighting

Chicken: Gamecocks are fighting
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Chicken: Rooster crows
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Chicken babies on a log

Silver campine, Domestic breed of fowl, Warwickshire

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Frizzle hen and chicks (Gallus gallus domesticus) in home back yard these hens, have curled or frizzled plumage, are frequently broody they make good mothers. Self sufficiency at home

frizzle hen and chicks
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When breeding two frizzled chickens, the offspring will be in a 1:2:1 ratio with 25 percent smooth, 50 percent frizzled, and 25 percent overly-frizzled.

female double laced Barnevelder chicken , popular dutch hybrid breed of chickens that produce brown eggs

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Beautiful pair of Dorking Heritage Breed Chicken and Rooster during early spring

rooster vs chicken
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Wyandotte Hen seen in a large back yard. Part of a larger flock of Chickens which are kept for there free range eggs. The birds are allowed to roam freely.

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Wyandotte chickens are known for their highly contrasting feathers that look like lace.

Sultan Chicken

Sultan chicken
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Sultan chickens, though not considered particularly noisy, do love to sing. The noises they make are described as soft and melodic.

A free range chicken or rooster which appears to be either a redcap or maran breed

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this is a close up of a Belgian d’uccle chicken

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New Hampshire hen looking

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New Hampshire Red Chicken

Two big cochin chickens in front of a wooden fence

Hen vs Chicken
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Cochin chickens are heart shaped.

Deutsch: RGZV Frankenthal e.V. – Lokalschau in der Turnhalle Frankenthal vom 22. bis 23. November 2014 0,1 Friesenhühner, gelb-weißgeflockt, v97

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Maran chicken. Portrait of a bird near the village fence

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Red Star Hen

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Black Australorp Hen

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A Barred Plymouth Rock chickens with fall colors in the background

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White Sussex chicken in the grass

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Brahma chicken searching for food

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Leghorn chicken close up

leghorn chicken
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Industrial leghorn chickens are white.

Buff Orpington chicken in backyard farm

Orpington Chicken prices in 2024
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Buff Orpington chickens will sit on your lap and follow you around the yard, waiting for food or affection. They are exceptionally calm — one of the calmest breeds out there.

One young brown Rhode Island Red hen chicken portrait, bird posing in fresh grass at free range yard, red comb on head. Horizontal orientation, photo taken in Poland.

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Rhode Island Red Chicken

Meat-egg breed of chickens. Orpington. A large bird with outstanding performance for private farms. White, black, red, fawn, craggy color. Chicken grazing outdoors in a green farm field. Organic food

orpington chicken prices in 2024
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Nankin bantam chicken in profile view.

Chicken Teeth- Chicken Beak
Chicken Teeth- Chickens Eating
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What Do Chicken Eat

Emotional Support Animals

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While it may come as a surprise to some, chickens offer significant therapeutic benefits for people of all ages and are proving a powerful therapeutic tool for those suffering from anxiety, depression, isolation, loneliness and dementia.

Cockerel and hens wandering around in a green farm yard.

Best farm animals

Cockerel and hens wandering around in a green farmyard. People generally establish poultry farms for the purpose of producing eggs, meat and generating high revenue from these products.

Brown Padovana chicken.

Brown Padovana chicken

Brown Padovana chicken.

Strange Chicken from Indonesia – Ayam Cemani

Most Expensive Birds-Ayam Cemani Chicken
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The Ayam Cemani chicken is highly sought after because of its unusual glossy feathers that are entirely black in color.

Chicken or hen on a green meadow. Selective sharpness. Several chickens out of focus in the background

animals that eat young: chicken
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Chickens often eat their eggs by accident.

The color of the bat on the lawn.

Are Chickens Mammals
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Are Chickens Mammals

white chicken in the backyard of a home farm

Largest chicken - Chicken chicken
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Largest Chickens - German Langshan

Fear of Animals: Alektorophobia

Fear of Animals: Alektorophobia

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