Fans were startled and thought Messi’s wife was having an affair

It’s no exaggeration to say that Lionel Messi, the star who won 8 Golden Balls, is a typical example of the “love only one person” style. In fact, from the moment his heart fluttered until he had a wife and children with three boys: Thiago, Mateo and Ciro, Messi’s heart still had only one owner, Antonela Roccuzzo.

Catherine Fulop marcó tendencia con su microbikini bicolor. (Foto: Instagram/@fulopcatherine)

Therefore, the marriage of Messi and Antonela is considered more than perfect. It’s just that the famous couple Messi and Antonela have encountered trouble about an emotional crisis. Specifically, it stemmed from Antonela’s obvious jealousy when Sofia Martinez, a sports reporter for TV Publica, appeared to be overly pursuing Lionel Messi at the 2023 Golden Ball awards ceremony.

Nicole Neumann impactó con su look. (Foto: Instagram/@nikitaneumannoficial).

The irony is that Messi’s muse, Antonela, is now rumored to have cheated on Messi to fall into the arms of another star in the Argentine national team. This will of course be one of the biggest recent love scandals in the world of football stars.

According to research, everything started to get noisy when many people shared pictures of Lautaro Martinez, Messi’s teammate at Argentina, standing next to a woman in a jacuzzi. From the angle of the photo, the woman is indeed very similar to Messi’s wife in terms of body shape, face and hair. Therefore, the rumor that the woman in the photo is the wife of the star currently playing for Inter Miami spread even more strongly.

“What is Antonela doing?”, “Antonela, you scare me”, or “What does this mean, Messi?”, that’s what fans commented on this image.


But I thought so but it turns out that’s not the case. It is true that there are similarities in physique from the shooting angle, but the woman appearing in the controversial image turned out to be Agustina Gandolfo, the girlfriend of striker Lautaro, currently on the payroll of Inter Milan. Along with being labeled a WAG, Lautaro’s charming girlfriend completed her bachelor’s degree in business administration.

In addition, this 25-year-old WAG is very passionate about traveling and is a “hot girl” on social networks. The proof is that the number of people following the account of the Argentine football player’s girlfriend on Instagram has now increased to 2 million followers. Agustina has posted more than 500 photos on her Instagram account. Most of her posts are about fashion clothes, modeling work, travel, and lifestyle.

Catherine Fulop en microbikini y capelina. (Foto: Instagram/@fulopcatherine)

It is important to know that Lautaro and Agustina started dating in 2018 after first meeting at a party where they were introduced to each other by striker Mauro Icardi’s wife, Wanda Nara. The two now have two children together after recently living together.

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