EXTREMELY RARE: Ayam Cemani Chicken – Black from… meat to feathers, thousands of dollars cannot buy one


The rare and expensive Ayam Cemani chicken breed originates from the Indonesian island of Java. They “traveled” to Europe in 1998.


In Indonesian, the word “Ayam” means “chicken” and “Cemani” means “completely black”.


Ayam Cemani’s feathers, beak, tongue, legs, and toenails are all jet black. Even their flesh is black. There are even rumors that this chicken’s blood is also black.


According to scientists, fibromelanosis in the chicken’s body promotes the growth of black pigment cells. The gene that causes fibromelanosis is a mutated gene. Fibromelanosis has existed in the Asian region for more than 800 years. The mutation has created many other chicken breeds such as the Swedish black chicken or the Svart Hona which also has black feathers like the Ayam Cemani.


Ayam Cemani is one of the most expensive chicken breeds in the world with prices up to 2,500 USD/chicken (equivalent to more than 50 million VND).


In Asian countries, people believe that Ayam Cemani chicken meat is good for women before and after giving birth.


Many people even believe that Ayam Cemani brings luck and their crowing brings prosperity.

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