‘Extortion’ of Black Pink’s expensive brands in the MV ‘Pink Venom’

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Black Pink returns with expensive outfits in “Pink Venom”.

Jisoo appeared in the MV with many memorable outfits. The female idol wore a branded outfit by Vietnamese designer FANCì worth up to 300 USD and many expensive accessories from Cartier such as necklaces, bracelets and rings amounting to approximately 106,000 USD.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Her simple outfit cost a whopping $106,000.

In another look, Jisoo wore a white Marina Eerie corset dress worth $512.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Jisoo wore a series of Cartier accessories in the MV “Pink Venom”.

As Dior’s Global Ambassador, Jisoo will not forget to wear their clothes for the MV “Pink Venom”. The female idol’s hair was styled with a side part and braid combined with a sporty Dior crop top priced at 1,500 USD. Jisoo also caused a stir with Sohee’s traditional outfit while playing Geomungo, a traditional Korean string instrument. She looks strong in this scene.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Jisoo wears Dior from head to toe.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Jisoo’s traditional outfit in the MV.

Similar to Jisoo, Rosé also wore clothes by designer FANCì. Her mesmerizing voice in a black dress dotted with jewelry and her wild look drove fans crazy.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Rosé mesmerizes the viewer in a unique design.

In another outfit, Rosé looked outstanding in a red corset shirt worth about 470 USD.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

The off-the-shoulder corset attracts Rosé’s eyes.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Her rebellious and solid-colored outfit.

Jennie caused a storm on the internet and media during her comeback with a Manchester United sports shirt priced at 3.5 USD. Even though she only wears items under 43 USD, Jennie still looks extremely sporty and cool. Most notably, Manchester United’s unisex t-shirt was sold out as soon as the MV was released.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

The costumes were not expensive but soon created a resounding effect.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

The Manchester United shirt was sold out after Jennie wore it.

In another outfit, Jennie impressed with a full-body red Alaia outfit worth 5,400 USD and a traditional Korean hairstyle. The female idol also carried a Chanel “birdcage” evening purse worth up to 20,000 USD.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Jennie looks stunning in an all-red outfit.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Another eye-catching look for Jennie.

During her rapping session with Jennie, Lisa also took the spotlight with her outfit. Idols look bold and confident in outfits and accessories from various brands. But all the items look harmonious with her 9:1 body ratio.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Lisa’s sexy outfit in her rap scene with Jennie.

In another outfit, Lisa shocked viewers with a Bvlgari snake bracelet and ring. More hip-hop and colorful, the outfit costs up to $1,400.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Lisa stunned fans with a necklace that cost $325,000.

Black Pink, Pink Venom, Lisa

Lisa wore an eye-catching outfit that cost $1,400.

After two years, Black Pink has returned with a full lineup of members, refreshing their music and appearance. The expensive outfits stunned fans at the group’s level of investment in this comeback.

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