Euro 2024 logo and slogan: Love, peace and solidarity

The logo at each Euro tournament is not only an aesthetic symbol but also represents many meanings. At this year’s tournament, the logo is uniquely designed, has a deep meaning and will definitely leave a mark in the hearts of fans. .

The Euro 2024 Finals, the most anticipated football event in Europe starting in mid-June, not only attracts fans with dramatic matches but also with meaningful symbols, including the logo. of the tournament is a special highlight. The Euro 2024 logo is not only a symbol of the tournament but also represents Europe’s love of football, culture, peace and solidarity.

Design and meaning: The Euro 2024 logo was designed with the goal of expressing the combination of tradition and modernity, unique football culture and spirit of solidarity. Highlights of color, elliptical shape, cup and stadium symbols can be easily seen.

Cup symbol: In the center of the logo is the image of the Henri Delaunay Cup, a familiar symbol of the tournament, symbolizing the honor and dreams of every team participating in the Euro 2024 finals.

The Euro 2025 logo colors are inspired by the flags of European member countries. Photo: BTC.

Color: The Euro 2024 logo uses a diverse color palette inspired by the flags of the 55 UEFA member federations, in which blue and white are the main colors, combined with different shades to create an image. colorful and lively. This color not only reflects the skies and seas of Europe but is also a symbol of peace and cooperation.

Shape: The logo has a unique shape, combining the shape of a trophy and other iconic design elements such as football, players and stars, and the symbol of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). . Each element is arranged delicately and meaningfully, creating a harmonious and impressive whole.

Stadium symbol: The elliptical shape surrounding the logo with the Henri Delaunay Cup symbol in the middle represents the Olympiastadion Stadium in Berlin – where the final match took place.

The elliptical shape of the logo is inspired by the Olympiastadion stadium. Photo: BTC.

The Euro 2024 logo is not only a visual design but also contains a deep meaning, representing the spirit of football and the passion it brings. That emphasizes the solidarity and connection between countries and cultures within the European Union. It is known that each city hosting Euro 2024 has its own logo design, inspired by each locality’s tourist attractions.

Euro 2024 slogan: This year’s tournament has the slogan “United by Football. Vereint im Herzen Europas – United by football. United in the heart of Europe” . The slogan aims to promote diversity and inclusion, reflecting the unity and connection through football across Europe.

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