Discovering a 100 kg gold treasure on the family estate

A man was shocked to find treasure buried right in the house he inherited from a relative.

A man in France inherited a house from his relative.

While cleaning up solid things, he discovered 100 kg of gold buried everywhere in the house such as under the table top, chair legs, in the bathroom… even carefully hidden in a whiskey box.

Gold found in new home: Man discovers 100kg of gold worth $5m |  — Australia's leading news site

100kg of gold is buried in this house including gold coins, gold bars, gold bars.

After that, this man again dug up a pile of gold bullion that was buried in other locations.

the amount of gold stored includes all 5,000 pieces of gold, including two 12kg gold bars and 37 1kg gold bars.

Frenchman finds 100kg of gold bars and coins in inherited house

100kg of gold is buried in this house including gold coins, gold bars, gold bars.

According to certificates found in the estate left by the deceased owner, the gold was legally acquired in the 1950s and 1960s.

French heir discovers 100kg of gold hidden in house | Euronews

the lucky man found the treasure left by the former owner, however, he will have to pay 45% inheritance tax, and if the deceased owner has not declared the gold above, the heir will have to pay the inheritance tax.

100kg of gold is buried in this house including gold coins, gold bars, gold bars.

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