Cristiano Ronaldo sends fans wild as Portugal star becomes top scorer in Euro 2024

Portugal is showing overwhelming strength under new coach Roberto Martinez. In Group J of the EURO 2024 qualifying round, Portugal won all 8 matches with a maximum of 24 points before entering the confrontation with Liechtenstein.

They even scored 34 goals and conceded only twice. Contributing to Portugal’s destructive form is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo. The former Man Utd star is having a brilliant resurgence at this point in his career.

Ronaldo continues to maintain his impressive scoring form.

Even though he is almost 39 years old, Ronaldo still shows a strong determination to score goals. That determination was most clearly shown through the moment CR7 launched himself to make a shot in the style of “upside down bicycle” in the injury time of the first half, unfortunately the ball went out.

Without waiting long, Ronaldo opened fire right at the beginning of the second half with a step into the penalty area and then kicked with his left foot, thereby helping coach Roberto Martinez and his team win 2-0 and consolidate the top spot in the table. Ronaldo personally scored 10 goals in 8 matches for Portugal in 2023.


Previously, he only had 3 goals in 12 matches in 2022. Besides, Ronaldo rose to the top of the Euro 2024 qualifying top scorer list with 10 goals in 8 matches. This achievement is equal to Romelu Lukaku and far ahead of Harry Kane, Rasmus Hojund, and Scott McTominay (with 7 goals).

Ronaldo also scored 10 or more goals in a calendar year for the 6th time while playing for the national team. Notably, since turning 30, Ronaldo’s scoring record at the national team level is 76 goals, 12 assists in 86 matches.

According to statistics, the 76 goals mentioned above are enough for Ronaldo to set a record for scoring more goals than any other player when compared to each age group when playing at the national team level. In total, Ronaldo scored 865 goals in his entire career. The milestone of 1,000 goals is probably within Ronaldo’s reach.

It is difficult for anyone to catch up with Ronaldo at the national team level.

Ronaldo reached the milestone of 128 goals for Portugal, a new record in the international arena. If counted in all competitions, including club and national team levels, Ronaldo has 46 goals in 2023, only less than Harry Kane (47 goals) and Erling Haaland (48 goals).

Since the beginning of the 2023/24 season, Ronaldo has been in high form. He scored 16 goals in 17 matches for Al Nassr. With what he is showing, Ronaldo is a bright candidate for the title “Most scored player of the year”.

Since breaking up with Man Utd and causing disappointment at the 2022 World Cup, many people think that Ronaldo is out of time. However, he is proving the opposite. As long as he is in a suitable environment and has a comfortable mentality, Ronaldo is still as scary as ever.

Ngả mũ với danh sách kỷ lục phi thường của Cristiano Ronaldo tuổi 38

Ronaldo certainly hasn’t stopped. His goal is to conquer more club titles with Al Nassr, and at the same time aim for success in the EUO 2024 finals. At nearly 39 years old, it is probably difficult to find a player more explosive and hungry than Ronaldo.

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