Cristiano Ronaldo and Benzema: Saudi Arabia’s star and the one looking to return to Europe

The Portuguese is a big star and Benzema is looking for a move away from Al Ittihad

Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, the duel in Saudi Arabia
Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo, the duel in Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo is setting an example. Some of the big names who arrived in Saudi Arabia last summer, such as Karim Benzema, are looking for a way out after failing to find what they seemed to be looking for.

However, the Portuguese has been a benchmark and showing ambition at every turn during his time in Riyadh. Last Monday, he was the first to return to Al Nassr’s training sessions and get down to work on his goal of winning the Saudi League.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Karim Benzema in a reunion of Madrid legends in the Saudi Professional LeagueTwitter

The case of the French striker is completely opposite to the example that CR7 has been setting day after day since his arrival in Saudi Arabia a year ago. So much so that he has not stopped scoring goals, which has led him to be the top scorer of 2023 with 53 goals, leaving behind others, such as Mbappé or Haaland, in theory in their best years.

Six months have been enough for Benzema to realize that the Saudi Arabian championship, for the moment, is not the best possible place for his football and mentality. Apart from all the problems he may have had during his holidays and his return to the Asian continent, the striker wants a change of scenery and is looking for a destination in Europe.

Benzema looking for a way out

Benzema’s entourage is already in the race to find a place for the striker, although wherever he goes he will not receive a tenth of what he is earning at Al Ittihad.

A move that has understandably set alarm bells ringing at the Jeddah-based club. The Frenchman was the main attraction, but the hope of doing something big with him has soon collapsed. In fact, the Saudi club is not going to give him away.

He is now aiming for a return to Europe. The doors of Real Madrid are closed to him, as has been the case with other former players who have left, because he has no place in the sporting plans of the Madrid club. While he is looking for a solution, he is still not appearing in Saudi Arabia, pushing the situation to the limit.

Cristiano, an example on and off the pitch

On the other hand, while his former team-mate makes a mess to undo what he did six months ago after leaving Real MadridCristiano Ronaldo is the real leader of Al Nassr, but also of the Saudi League. His mere presence is revitalizing the championship, and the fans of all the teams are grateful for it.


In addition, his business in the Arab world is flying. From there he has time to train, take care of himself, score goals and also keep his economic empire growing. CR7 is going to be an active part of the eSports World Cup to be held in Saudi Arabia.

He has also put himself into the world of paddle tennis, winning a tender for the construction of 17 sports centers related to the sport of racquetball. Not forgetting his hotel chain, hair grafting clinics, underwear, perfumes… professional to the max in everything.

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