Collection of bird photos: March fantasy


A striking capture of a Western Marsh Harrier quartering over a manic Brown Hare is our winner this week. This unusual action shot is well exposed and shows both subject animals in a gold-infused field of winter wheat – a quintessential spring setting. Balance – composing a photograph to give equal visual weight to two subjects in the same image – is an under-utilised element of wildlife photography. However, it is a vital tool in adding extra context and visual harmony to an image in the right circumstances.

Boxing Brown Hares are an unmissable March wildlife spectacle, but this is just a short portion of their daily routine. Much of their time is occupied avoiding predators, for which the species relies on an acute sense of smell and fast speed – reaching up to 70 kph. This action-packed shot from Will Bowell shows both off to great effect, capturing the Brown Hare in panicked mid-flight complete with flared nostrils. Range increases of Western Marsh Harrier have seen the species begin to breed in farmland in ever-increasing numbers, bringing them into contact with Brown Hares with rising frequency.

Congratulations to Will on capturing something different and managing a brilliant winning image.

imageCommon Kingfisher, Britain (Dean Eades).

imageRed-necked Grebe, Burton Riggs NR, North Yorkshire (Mike Barth).

imageGrey Heron and Eurasian Otter, Lincoln, Lincolnshire (Dean Eades).

imageGoldcrest, Hardley Street, Norfolk (Nick Appleton).

imageGoldfinch, Westonzoyland, Somerset (Carl Bovis).

imageEurasian Skylark, Therfield Heath, Hertfordshire (Martin Abbess).

imageWestern Marsh Harrier, Undisclosed site, England (Martin Abbess).

imageGreat Cormorant, Seafield, Fife (Douglas Dickson).

imageShore Lark, Holkham Gap, Norfolk (Mark Rutter).

imageLittle Ringed Plover, Bidnija, Malta (Natalino Fenech).

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