Boxing STAR loves gorgeous Selena Gomez: Can I go to the rose garden?

American singer Selena Gomez once had to close all activities on social networks to stabilize her mental state, after her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber suddenly got engaged to Hailey Baldwin. After 2 months of relaxation for psychological treatment, the 26-year-old female singer is now happy again. She reopened her social network account and started posting personal photos for fans to comment on.



Gomez (right) has not responded to the 20-year-old boxer’s feelings

As a long-time fan of Selena, 20-year-old American boxing talent Ryan Garcia took advantage of this opportunity to confess his love to the beauty. “She’s single so let me have a chance. Let me take you out! I will protect you!”, the boxer who is 6 years younger than the singer boldly wrote on social networks.

Ryan is 1m78 tall and is a star in the super featherweight boxing division (59kg, 17 consecutive wins), has a handsome face and has a standard body with 6-pack abs. On social networks, he currently has more than 1.7 million followers, a dream number for a 20-year-old.


After “recklessly” sending a confession to the beauty, the 20-year-old handsome man has still not received a response. Ryan’s wait became even longer, because Selena Gomez recently posted photos of her happily traveling with friends, seemingly not caring about the young boxer’s confession of love.


The 26-year-old female singer is mentally stable

"STARShe happily went out with her friends


Most recently, the female singer appeared at a gym, but she has not yet responded to the young boxer’s confession of love.

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