Bitten by a dog, NBA star retires indefinitely

According to information from CNN, Denver Nuggets striker Aaron Gordon was bitten by a dog and had to be hospitalized while enjoying the past Christmas holiday. It is known that he is not in good physical condition and had to have many stitches after the fatal bites of that evil dog.

According to an announcement from the Denver Nuggets homepage, Aaron Gordon will have to rest and recuperate for a while before being able to return to the football field and the time of his return is currently unknown.

"December 31, 2013"

Speaking about the situation of the former Orlando Magic player, coach Michael Malone expressed: ” He is resting in the hospital and we hope he can fully recover as soon as possible.


This is not an easy experience to overcome. The problem is not only physical pain but also mental shock. We hope Aaron Gordon can return soon. The team needs him to further improve the quality of play.

Aaron Gordon Explains Dog Bite Injury: "I Probably Had A Little Bit Too  Much Eggnog"

However, we also need to have the best support for him to regain his form when he returns, as he has shown before .

Aaron Gordon returns to Nuggets vs. Hornets after dog bite accident

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