Birds endure hardships best: They fly thousands of miles without eating or drinking

Great snipe can fly 4,000 miles (more than 6,000 km) at 60 mph without stopping to eat or drink.

Những loài chim mỏ dài như cái đũa ở Việt Nam - HỘI KỶ LỤC GIA VIỆT NAM - TỔ CHỨC KỶ LỤC VIỆT NAM(VIETKINGS)

The snipe is another name for a wading bird, about the size of a small pigeon. This species often resides in Eastern Europe in the summer, then migrates to Africa in the winter.

"Bird The snipe is considered one of the most tolerant animals in the animal world (Photo: ).

British and Swedish researchers attached electronic devices to three male snipe, tracking their flight from Europe to Africa. The results showed that one bird flew 3,834 miles in 3 days, another flew 4,445 miles in 3 and a half days, and another flew 2,871 miles in 48 hours.

In the spring, they tracked the birds’ similar journeys, and their flight speeds were about 33-60 mph. During their flight, they do not stop to find food like other wading birds.


Grahame Madge, a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), UK, said: “Large snipe often have large beaks. It’s amazing how they can fly long distances without resting. Some other bird species often rest fixedly and regularly at certain points to regain energy .

This bird was previously commonly seen in England, but it was hunted a lot. Nowadays, this bird species has become rare, usually 2-3 birds are discovered each year.


Many other birds can fly greater distances, but their speed is not as fast as this snipe. For example, Arctic terns fly 50,000 miles each year to migrate from the North Pole to the South Pole and vice versa. But their journey lasted for many months.

Therefore, the snipe is considered one of the most tolerant animals in the animal world.

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