Basketball positions: All the information you need to know

Basketball has a total of 5 playing positions on the court. Like many other sports, each position has certain requirements in terms of skills, thinking, and physical fitness to meet tactical roles in the match.

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In particular, the most basic formation of a basketball team will include a ball-drilling defender, a scoring defender, a secondary striker, a main striker and a center, corresponding to positions 1 to 5. Each position is differentiated based on the player’s playing style, as well as the tactical requirements of the coaches.

Point Guard – PG

This position is also known as number 1. In basketball, this is the most important position in attacks, when this player is the one who takes on the role of leading the play and keeping the rhythm of the match. In other words, they are the “conductor” and the soul of the team’s play.

Players playing in this role need to meet the technical requirements, speed, ability to hold the ball and pass the ball. Not only that, the PG must also have a good tactical vision to direct the team’s attack, observe and find the opponent’s defensive weaknesses, thereby making runs or passes that bring the ball to the target. teammates into favorable positions. A ball defender can be seen as a second coach on the field. Players of this type include John Stockton, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash or Chris Paul.

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Over time, the classic ball-holding and dealing defenders are gradually disappearing, as they themselves can become the team’s main scorers. Some players practice more breakthrough skills like Ja Morant or Kyrie Irving, or hone 3-point shots like Stephen Curry, or a particularly well-rounded player like Luka Doncic and especially Magic Johnson.

Stephen Curry

Shooting Guard – SG

Known as the No. 2 position, players playing in this role must have excellent throwing skills. A good point guard is someone who can create extreme pressure at every position on the court, from mid-range shots to 3-point shots.

Since the 3-point line appeared, the ability to throw from this position is a mandatory requirement for every player playing in the SG position. If they are not the top stars, their task is to run and hunt for any space that can be created by their teammates, receive the ball and launch cool and accurate throws. Typical examples of these players are Reggie Miller, Peja Stojakovic, Ray Allen or Klay Thompson.

Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls

However, some star players can even score points themselves with their superior 1vs1 skills. The best point guard in history is Michael Jordan. Following him are players like Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, James Harden.

Small Forward (SF)

Players playing in this position are referred to as number 3. These are players with strengths in speed, flexibility and physical toughness. They have a smaller body than the main strikers, don’t throw as well as point guards, but have a wide range of motion and are suitable for many roles in the game.

They can become a second shooter, a closer to the basket, or use their speed to receive direct passes, or their skills to deal with 1-on-1 situations. Even, Some players who play this position are also the best perimeter defenders on a team.

The most comprehensive and famous secondary strikers in history are LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard or Larry Bird.

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Power Forward (PF)

Position number 4 on the team, with a body that may be smaller than the center forward but taller than the secondary strikers. According to their initial role, PF players will be the support players who protect the basket with the centers, while becoming scorers from near the basket to mid-range shots, typically Giannis Antetokounmpo, Anthony Davis.

However, the change in style of play and the era of 3-point shots are helping fans see key frontcourt players gain more ability to shoot long distance. The most typical representatives in this case are Dirk Nowitzki, Kristaps Porzingis or Victor Wembanyama.

lebron james lakers

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PF players can even take on the role of main striker, if they play in tactical systems that do not require the use of tall players but lack flexibility in the formation.

Center (Centre – C)

Slow, inflexible but strong, muscular and the best physical players on the team – the center forwards are called the number 5 players. They are the key pieces for the team. Attack and defense options in the area near the basket.

In the past, top strikers always had to possess superior physique, physical strength and strength. NBA history has witnessed many talents in this position such as Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Russell, Shaquille O’Neal…

Nikola Jokic Denver Nuggets

However, modern striker models often have other powerful weapons. Some have the ability to shoot 3 points like Joel Embiid, Brook Lopez. Some possess more tactical vision and passing ability as a defender, with the most prominent example being Nikola Jokic. Players similar to Jokic include Domantas Sabonis or Alperen Sengun.

In the NBA, the role of the classic center forward is gradually losing its place because of specific rules. However, the players playing at position 5 are always a solid “steel shield” for other basketball platforms playing according to FIBA rules.

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