Ariana Grande wants to stop cyber violence because of her album “eternal sunshine”


Photo: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande calls for an end to all negative comments aimed at the people in her life after the release of her album eternal sunshin e.

The female artist and actress spoke out on her Instagram Story saying she hopes her fans will stop sending negative messages to those believed to be related to the songs on the album. Ariana Grande did not specify exactly who received those messages.


Photo: Instagram Story @arianagrande

She wrote:

“If you’re sending negative messages to the people in my life based on speculation about the album, not only are you not supporting me, you’re going against what I want.”

Ariana emphasized that those actions were a misunderstanding of the purpose of the music she created.

“The album not only captures painful moments but is also an expression of deep love and sincerity. If you don’t feel this, I suggest you listen again more carefully.”


Ariana Grande in the MV “we can’t be friends.” Photo: Ariana Grande

While it’s unclear who this Instagram Story is referring to, Ariana Grande’s relationship has been making headlines over the years, especially in recent months.

Ariana and her ex-husband, Dalton Gomez, finalized their divorce in October 2023 after reportedly breaking up around February of last year, according to court documents. Their two-year marriage ended while Ariana Grande was in England filming the movie Wicked .

When they divorced, there were rumors that Ariana Grande was dating her Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater — who also filed for divorce from his wife around the same time. Since then, Ariana and Ethan have frequently appeared together in public, seemingly affirming their relationship through dates and Ariana’s support of Ethan when he performs on Broadway.

However, their new relationship met with opposition after Lily Jay, Ethan’s ex-wife, revealed to Page Six that Ethan had an affair with Ariana Grande while he was still married and had a child. small.


Fans turned from hatred to sympathy for the female singer after listening to the album “eternal sunshine.” Photo: Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande faced a lot of criticism after this incident. She shared on The Zach Sang Show that the new album has shed more light on what’s going on in her life. In fact, after the album eternal sunshine was released, many listeners had a different view of Arian Grande’s breakup. In particular, the song “we can’t be friends” seems to show that her marriage was very painful.


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