Ariana Grande is in love with Ethan Slater 1 month after divorcing her young husband

Ariana Grande continues to reveal romantic photos with actor Ethan Slater. Photo: Twitter.

According to TMZ, on the evening of October 22, Ariana Grande arrived in New York (USA) with actor Ethan Slater, and the two had a romantic dinner at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. Sources said Ariana Grande and the actor sat down to chat and have dinner for about 2 hours.

Besides, the two also continuously had intimate actions towards each other. Above all, Ariana Grande also proactively changed her seat from opposite to sitting next to actor Ethan Slater.

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater had a romantic summer date in New York. Photo: TMZ.

Previously in July, Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater were suspected of dating. According to foreign media, the two quickly entered into a romantic relationship after meeting at the set of the play “Wicked”. in London (UK).

However, at this time, the two have not yet officially divorced their ex, causing Ariana to be criticized as the third person interfering in the relationship between Ethan Slater and singer Lilly Jay.

After being caught up in dating rumors, actor Ethan Slater filed for divorce from his wife in New York (USA) on July 26. The actor’s move makes many people believe that the dating suspicion is true.

The two people chatted intimately at the restaurant. Photo: TMZ

On September 18, Ariana Grande also filed for divorce from her businessman husband Dalton Gomez, the reason given was “irreconcilable differences”. American media said that the two’s feelings faded when the female singer went to London (UK) to film “Wicked” and did not have much time together because of geographical distance.

Amid the dating news of Ethan and Ariana, People newspaper confirmed: “Ethan has separated from his wife, and the two started dating each other after ending their previous relationships. Ariana and Dalton separated in January but did not announce it.”

Ethan Slater is an American actor, singer and writer born in 1992. The actor is known to the public through his role as SpongeBob SquarePants in the play “Broadway SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical”.

Ariana Grande born in 1993 is an American singer, songwriter and actress, famous for hits like 7 rings, Problem, Positions… Ariana Grande has been dating Dalton Gomez since early 2020 and got engaged. Married in December 2020 to May 2021, both got married at their home. After their divorce in early October, Ariana Grande also deleted all photos of the two on Instagram.

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