Ariana Grande and her 'comedy' moments at The Voice – USA

The 21st season of The Voice in the US marks the first season with the participation of Ariana Grande as a coach, alongside veteran faces Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Blake Shelton.

"" The Voice – America season 21 judges .

Even though she’s just getting her feet wet in America’s most popular voice search program, the Side by side singer has proven herself to be a suitable choice for the “hot seat” of The Voice . Ariana’s wit, youthfulness and unique way of attracting contestants have breathed new life into the show.

The female singer born in 1993 is very thoughtful and dedicated to her contestants as she constantly prepares special gifts, full of functional foods to nourish her voice, help reduce swelling and soothe her voice. management. One contestant also revealed that their gift basket was never empty thanks to Ariana’s constant “resupply”.

"" Ariana Grande captivates with her performances at The Voice.

Not stopping there, the female singer also won the hearts of the contestants by blatantly breaking the rules, contacting the team members in advance and inviting them to eat. She also broke many more rules of The Voice, including following Asian contestant – Vaughn Mugol before the show even aired its first episode.

"" Asian contestant – Vaughn Mugol was followed by Ariana on social networks.

Not only playing the “rules of the jungle”, Ariana Grande also tried every way to attract participants to her team, even promising to… give birth. Originally, the female singer humorously said: “I know both you and Kelly (Clarskon) have children, but I’m willing to have children just so you can join my team.”

Besides, one of the funniest moments of The Voice 2021 was when male singer John Legend directly pressed the block button on Ariana Grande. Program rules stipulate that a coach has the right to block another coach in the Hidden round, and the blocked coach will not have the right to choose contestants in that round.

"" Ariana’s resigned expression after discovering she was blocked.

The special thing is that only when blocked coaches, like Ariana, press the contestant selection button and come back, do they discover the harsh truth. The moment Ariana turned her chair around and gasped when she realized she was blocked made viewers laugh out loud and became a famous moment among the audience watching the show.

"" Ariana Grande’s funny actions and expressions at The Voice 2021.

Besides her epic performances, Ariana also has a collection of funny expressions and actions on the show. She does not hesitate to show her personality, showing off her complacency when being called a queen and sending sweet words of love to her fans.

Ariana Grande seduces contestants in a ‘powerful’ way.
The female singer cares very much about her team members.

As one of the most famous female singers in the world at the moment, Ariana Grande has attracted a huge number of viewers for the US show The Voice . Every time the female singer appears and “plays comedy”, the audience watches and shares videos recording her funny moments.

The Voice America is a music competition in the form of a television program to find musical talents across the United States. To date, the program has gone through 21 seasons with the participation of countless famous singers as coaches.

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