Admiring list of the rarest and most unique bird species in S Country


1. Mosquito-billed Owl: A beautiful and precious bird, usually living in broad-leaved forests at altitudes of 900-1,900 m. Their dark brown fur with small white dots helps them easily hide.



2. Thirsty: A beautiful and strange bird, with a light black upper body, a yellow neck, and red wings. Usually lays 1-2 eggs and parasitizes the nests of babblers.



3. Catching Her Tied Up: A bird that lives throughout the country, named after its cry. This species also has the habit of parasitizing eggs in the nests of other species such as oobo.



4. White-spotted Water Thrush: Lives along rocky streams in mountainous areas, at an altitude of about 900-2,500 m. Distributed in Afghanistan, India, China, Vietnam.



5. Red Belly: Widely distributed throughout the forest areas throughout the country, altitudes from 50-2,600 m.



6. Curved-billed Ca Stilt: A rare bird with a long, curved bill, often feeding in shallow waters such as ponds, lakes, coastal tidal flats, and large rivers.



7. Ax Head: Small bird with bright colors, especially on the neck, head and crest.



8. Red-faced Thrush: Migrating from the North to Vietnam, the male bird has a bright yellow face and chest, usually living in green forests, at an altitude of about 1,500 m.

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