Abandoned his girlfriend to take care of their children, Benzema dated his ex-wife


Taking advantage of the mid-season break in the Saudi Pro League, Benzema flew to the African island to enjoy the warm sunshine and blue sea.

The Al-Ittihad striker was seen cozying up to Chloe de Launey, who gave birth to Benzema’s two children, a boy and a girl.



The couple expressed their affection as if on their honeymoon. Meanwhile, Benzema’s current girlfriend, Jordan Ozuna, is busy taking care of their underage child.

Benzema’s love life is very complicated. The former French striker and Chloe had two children during their time together: 9-year-old daughter Melia and 4-year-old son Nouri.




In addition, the former Real Madrid striker has a stepson named Ibrahim, 5 years old, with ex-girlfriend Cora Gauthier.

Last April, Benzema became a father for the fourth time when current girlfriend Jordan Ozuna gave birth to the 36-year-old striker’s child.


Jordan Ozuna is a famous model who has signed contracts with many top brands. Ozuna started dating Benzema in 2022 and was brought by the French striker to the Golden Ball awards ceremony.

Jordan once admitted that he did not know that Benzema was a famous player: “When I first met Karim in America, I didn’t know who he was. I’m American and don’t care about football.”


I wonder what Jordan thinks when her boyfriend goes on vacation with his ex-wife while she is busy taking care of their children.

The relationship between Benzema and his ex-wife Chloe is also very special. Even though they no longer live together, the two are often “sticky” with each other.

Benzema also dated Chloe again after breaking up with ex-girlfriend Cora Gauthier.

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