A set of photos of birds growing hands has caused a stir in the online community

Photoshop and the creativity of the online community are truly an interesting gift that the Internet brings to users. The interesting images in the “birds growing arms” trend below will continue to prove that.


The “birds with arms” trend actually started in 2008 from a forum called Reeelapse when a user opened a thread asking to “post pictures of birds with arms”. User Black Jaques is the author of this bird with strong arms.


This trend was quickly brought to Tumblr when a blog called “Birds with Arms” was created in 2009. Most of the images posted on this blog were taken from the Reeelapse forum. As can be seen, in the beginning, the quality of the images was not high and the composite images were not “real”.


As meme movements flourish, the level of photo manipulation in the online community also increases. In the picture is a bird version… Hulk.


On reddit, the topic /r/birdswitharms was created in 2011 and quickly attracted a lot of attention and new posts from the user community. This is one of the most popular bird growing hand posts on reddit.


Relfreiast is a reddit user who moderates the /r/animalhybrids topic. He has many popular posts on /r/birdswitharms.


The Photoshop effect in this photo looks exactly like a painting. Felfriast shared when posting the photo on reddit, “I spent a lot of time making this photo.”


And then the creative “material” developed into animations (.gif). This is also a work by Felfriast.


Image by reddit user Mobuco with the title, “Fishing is easier with hands”.


This is the image Asus used in one of its advertising campaigns in 2014.


Image of an owl drinking tea by user Searine.


The stunning image captures a bird groom waiting for his bird bride.


While the “Birds with Arms” trend on Tumblr subsided, reddit users are still very interested in it.

(Reference: TechInsider)

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