3 scenarios for Man Utd to attend the European Cup next season – Wonderfully Fantastic

In the compensation match of round 34 of the Premier League that just took place, Manchester United defeated Newcastle with a dramatic 3-2 score. With 3 points, the Red Devils have increased their chances of participating in the European Cup next season, with 1 round left in the season.


According to regulations, the 5th ranked team of the English Premier League will compete in the Europa League and the 6th ranked team will participate in the Conference League play-off round. Currently, Man Utd no longer has a chance to reach the top 5, they only have a very low chance to take Chelsea’s 6th place. Even the 7th place Red Devils are very difficult to decide on their own when they are equal to Newcastle but have a difference of 24 goals. However, the Red Devils still have a chance to participate in the European Cup next season.

When did Man Utd win tickets to the C2 Cup?

  • Possibility number one: Win the FA Cup.


This is the path Man Utd has the right to self-determine, they will officially have a ticket to the Europa League next season if they defeat Man City in the FA Cup final taking place on May 25. This is not an easy task, when the opponent in the same city is in very impressive form. After the Premier League ends this weekend, Man City has a lot of time to prepare for the final, so the FA Cup championship will not come easily to Man Utd.

  • Possibility 2: Finish 6th in the Premier League and Man City win the FA Cup.

This is the second path for Man Utd to attend the C2 Cup next season, in which case they cannot win the FA Cup. However, for this to happen is also extremely difficult, when MU is 3 points behind Chelsea in 6th place and is currently 16 goals lower.

Đánh lừa cả thế giới, MU còn nguyên 2 cơ hội dự cúp châu Âu

For this to happen, Chelsea must lose the final match and MU must win with an extremely strong score against Brighton. Not to mention that Newcastle also won the last match, then the Red Devils need to surpass this team’s score – currently MU is 24 goals behind Newcastle’s score.

When did Man Utd win tickets to the C3 Cup?

  • The only possibility: Man Utd ranks 7th in the Premier League and Man City wins the FA Cup.

If they lose the FA Cup final to Man City, the Premier League will have one more Europa League spot. At that time, the 5th and 6th ranked teams played the Europa League and the 7th ranked teams played the Conference League play-offs.

Man Utd nhọc nhằn giành chiến thắng trước Newcastle | VTV.VN

This is the most likely possibility for Man Utd. However, they still have to hope that Newcastle stumbles in the final round against Bournemouth. Because if MU and Newcastle both win, it will be almost impossible for the Red Devils to overcome their opponent’s huge difference as stated above.

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