10 famous players in the national team but struggling in the club shirt

10. Aljosa Asanovic. In contrast to the club shirt, Asanovic flourished when he joined the team. Asanovic was the shining star of the Croatian team at EURO 1996 when the home team reached the quarterfinals of the tournament. Asanovic was one of the bright spots when Croatia won 3rd place overall in the 1998 World Cup.
9. Angelos Charisteas. Charisteas is the author of the winning goal for Greece against Portugal at the EURO 2004 finals. In total, Charisteas played for 10 years, contributing 25 goals after 88 matches for the Greek team.
8. Fabio Grosso. Grosso left a strong impression on Italy’s journey to winning the 2006 World Cup. Grosso scored to help Italy take the lead against Germany in extra time in the semi-finals. Five days later, Grosso took the decisive penalty kick to help Italy defeat France in the final.
7. Eduardo Vargas. Vargas is a big name in Chilean football. Vargas contributed greatly when Chile won the Copa America 2015 and 2016 with the individual title of top scorer of the tournament. In contrast to his performance in the national team, Vargas had an ups and downs career with the clubs Napoli, Valencia, QPR, and Hoffenheim.
6. Lukas Podolski. Podolski owns 49 goals after 130 appearances with the German team. Podolski was a member of the German team that won the 2014 World Cup. The 38-year-old striker had a not really outstanding career playing for Bayern Munich and Arsenal clubs.
5. Joan Capdevila. Before Jordi Alba stood out, taking the starting spot; The position of number 1 left back for Spain belongs to Joan Capdevila. Capdevila started on La Roja’s journey to winning EURO 2008 and World Cup 2010.
4. Claudio Caniggia. Caniggia was one of Argentina’s best players at the 1990 World Cup. Caniggia continued to play excellently when Argentina won the Copa America in 1991 and participated in the 1994 World Cup. In total, the 57-year-old former player has 50 The first time he put his shoes on the field, he had 16 goals.
3. Pierre Littbarski. Pierre has 73 caps for the German national team, contributing 18 goals. Pierre was associated with the national team for 9 years, being a member of Germany attending the 1982, 1986 and 1990 World Cup finals.
2. Dunga. Dunga appeared in two World Cup finals, once winning the championship with Brazil. In total, Dunga has 91 caps for the national team. Dunga is the ideal captain.
1. Miroslav Klose. Klose appeared in 4 different World Cups, scoring a total of 16 goals in the biggest football tournament on the planet. Klose was a member of the German team that won the 2014 World Cup. Klose contributed 71 goals in 137 matches for the team.
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